Installing FreeNAS – MIGRATE!

After my hardware build I looked into what operating system my NAS should be running. Because I have 4 drives it should be capable of doing a type of RAID, accessible by my Windows computers (CIFS) and media centers running XMBC (NFS) and be able to download automatically using Sickbeard and SABnzbd. On this blog

Need4Seat – MIGRATE!

This is not going to be a huge blog entry though I would love to share my latest addition to my “man-cave” TZE CHAIR! I’ve been watching some twitch lately on huge events and saw that most of the broadcasters have a extremely comfortable chair which they should because they sit in it over 10


Here in Holland the hype to get fiber to home is booming. Unfortunately where I live Cable is still the fastest connection available with 200 Mbit download and 20 Mbit/s upload speed, the standard modem that is packed with this provider (which is actually an Cisco EPC3928AD with a “Ziggo” skin”) is missing a lot of features